Research interests

Health economics, Applied microeconometrics

Publications on peer-reviewed journals

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Working papers

  • “Fluoride Pollution and Health: Empirical Evidence from China” (with Youhong Lin), 2017.
  • “Unemployment Insurance and Cigarette Smoking” (with Wei Fu), 2017.
  • “Dynamic Links between Socioeconomic Status and Obesity in China” (with Hui Cao and Francesca Hansstein), 2014.
  • “Errors in retrospective data on smoking: comparing maximum likelihood and ad hoc approaches” (with Don Kenkel and Joe LeCates), 2011.
  • “The Evolution of the Schooling-Smoking Gradient” (with Don Kenkel), 2009.
  • “Mechanisms for the Association Between Maternal Employment and Child Cognitive Development” (with John Cawley), NBER Working Paper 13609, 2007.